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Either/Or vol.1 | Kierkegaard,S
Anchor Books/Princeton University Press,1959,New York.Soft cover, no jacket, translated by D.Svenson and L.M.Svenson,revisonby H.Johnson.pg465. Good conditions
Confucianism as a World Religion - Contested histories and contemporary realities | Sun,Anna
Princeton University Press,2013,UK.Soft cover,no jacket,pg.244. Very good
Finnegans Wake | Joyce,James
The Viking Press,1968,N,Y.Paperback,eighth printing.No Jacket. 628pp.eighth printing of Compass Books paperback edition. Embodying all the author's corrections. Paperback in blue, red and white wrappers.Good conditions,edges slightly worn.
Despair | Nabkov,Vladimir
Capricorn Books,1970,New York.Paperback,second impression,pg.222.Good condition
Three Historians of Alexander The Great-The so-called Vulgate authors Diodorus,Justin and Curtius | Hammond,N.G.L.
Cambridge University Press,1985,Cambridge,London.Paperback,reprinted in 1985. As new.
Trattato di Psicoanalisi delle Nevrosi e delle Psicosi | Fenichel,Otto
Astrolabio,1951,Roma.Brossura in cartoncino morbido, Psiche e coscienza ITALIANO Volume n 20, collana di testi e documenti per lo studio della psicologia del profondo. Titolo originale "The psychoanalytic theory of neurosis". Traduzione italiana di Carlo Gastaldi. Piccola mancanza sull'angolo inferiore anteriore. pg.794. Buone condizioni
La brutta duchessa | Feuchtwanger,Lion
Dall'Oglio,1961,Varese.Brossura editoriale rossa,Colana I Corvi .Collana universale moderna n. 75 trad. di B. Giachetti Sorteni in 16°, bross. edit. con titoli, lievi tracce d'uso.Buone condizioni
THe Seventh Day Soldier's Talk About the Six-Day War | Shapira,Avraham
Penguin Books,1971,G.Britain.Paperback,recorded and edited by a group of young Kibbutz members.Pg.317.Good conditions
Max WEber, Rationality and Modernity | Whimster,Sam-Lash,Scott
Taylor and Francis,2006,London ,New York. Paperback. Condizione: Brand New. reprint edition. 394 pages. 8.25x5.50x1.00 inches.Good conditions
Eternal Enemies | Zagajewski, Adam
Farrar,Strauss and Giroux,2009,New York.Paperback,translated by Clare Very good
Lyrical and Critical Essays | Camus, Albert
Paperback. Good condition. First Vintage Books Edition, September, 1970.
What is the History of Knowledge | Peter Burke
What is the History of Knowledge (What is History series). Reprint, 2018.
Mario Giacomelli, photopoche, numéro 19 | CRAWFORD ( Allistair ) [Intro]
Photo Poche. Couverture souple. Condizione: Très bon. Edition originale. Paris 1985. Pen dedication on first blank page, the edges of the cover are slightly damaged. The interior is perfect.
Codex in Crisis | Anthony Grafton
The University of Chicago, special edition. Cover design by AAron Mosher. Adapted from Felice Giani (1758-1823). "The Burning of the Library at Alexandria" Courtesy of the Princeton University Art Museum. Illustrations of Anthony Grafton by Gijs Sevenhuijen. Cover ink jet-printed with an Epson Stylus Pro 4880. Text set and laser printed in Adobe Caslon Pro at 11.5/14.5. With initial letters digitally reproduced from W. Bogtman's indispensible guide to Netherlandish script ca 1600. Hand bound in New York City. Paperback. As new. Pp.64. Number 4 of 250.
A Noble and Symmetrical conception of life -The arts at Chicago on the edge of a new century | Boyer,John
the University of Chicago,2010,Chicago.Paperback,no jacket,pg.156. Very good
Conversazioni a Pacific Palisades Con Christian de Bartillat | Miller,Henry
Guanda,1992,Parma.Brossura editoriale in cartoncino morbido,collan testi e documenti dela Fenice,traduzione di Dolores Masso,pg.150. Buone condizioni.
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