“Making My Day” 

The ODB as set for a multilingual "Making My Day" - A multilingual short film Created by da Teatro Multilingue, Wonderwall Entertaiment and Shane Harnett was set in the ODB!!

Making My Daya new original short film, will be available for streaming on Sunday 27 November

Written and co-produced by Shane Harnett and directed by Flavio Marigliani
Presented by Teatro Multilingue, Wonderwall Entertaiment & Shane Harnett
With  Martina Angelucci, Victor Ciri, Shelagh Gallivan, Roberto Santi
 Original Music by The Golden Hour

The ODB  has been one of the location of this short film which explores the way cities and their architecture influence how we communicate, a compelling story about love, relationships and barriers, written and performed in English, italiano and a little français.